how to reach Kedarnath

How To Reach Kedarnath

This article is being written with the sole purpose of guiding the pilgrims on how to reach Kedarnath Temple.

How To Reach Kedarnath Temple

Before we share information regarding how to reach Kedarnath, it would be useful to know more about Shri Kedarnath Temple which is one among the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples of Lord Shiva and also one among the Char Dham Temples of Uttarakhand.

To reach Kedarnath from Haridwar, kindly refer the map below:

Haridwar To Kedarnath Road Map

How to reach Kedarnath from Haridwar/Rishikesh

The yatra generally commences from Haridwar or Rishikesh which are connected with rail head.

Those who wish to fly, can take flight to Dehradun Airport which is about 40 km from Haridwar and about 22 km from Rishikesh.

Note that one should plan their arrival one day in advance to the day when they would like to travel to Guptkashi. This is because the distance between Haridwar and Guptkashi is about 205 km and it takes about 8 hours to cover this distance owing to mountainous drive.

To those who ask us about how to reach Kedarnath, we generally suggest that they should reach Haridwar one day in advance and rest for a night before commencing their journey to Shri Kedarnath.

How to reach Kedarnath : Drive From Haridwar to Guptkashi

After a days rest, you should start your journey from Haridwar to Guptkashi early in the morning, say about 6 am in the morning.

This is so because many a times it takes a lot of time for the drivers to pat their road tax and get vehicle hill fitness certificates from the RTO office.

It is also important because driving in hills is generally prohibited after sunset by the local police and you should thus be able to reach Guptkashi well within time.

Road from Haridwar to Guptkashi passes through Rishikesh, Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag and Augustmuni.

Note that if you are planning to visit Kedarnath by helicopter from Phata/Sersi or Sitapur, Kedarnath helicopter booking should be done by you well in advance around March-April as it is extremely difficult to get helicopter tickets later.

Ideally, you should stay at Guptkashi if your helicopter service is from a helipad located at Guptkashi or Phata.

However, if your helipad is located at Sersi or Sitapur, it would be better to stay at Sonprayag or Sitapur.

How to reach Kedarnath : Fly by helicopter to Kedarnath.

how to reach Kedarnath
Helipad at Phata(Image Source:

One of the most important suggestion on the topic “How to reach Kedarnath” is surely the suggestion that one must get up early and leave for the next destination.

This is important because generally as per our experience, as the day progresses, low height clouds start accumulating in the Kedar Valley leading to sudden change in temperature often leading to drizzling or even heavy rainfall.

Thus, whether you are travelling to Kedarnath by helicopter from Phata/Guptkashi/Sersi/Sitapur or you have decided to climb your way to Kedarnath from Gaurikund, you must get up early and leave for the onward journey.

How to reach Kedarnath by Helicopter flight

  • As mentioned above, you should book your flight well within time as the helicopter tickets are always in shortage.
  • Helicopter tickets are of two types: Same day return & Night Halt. Be careful while booking the tickets or Kedarnath helicopter service packages.
  • Reach helipad well within time as the boarding passes are issued on first come first served basis.
  • Those who would be going for Same day return tickets, shall have to purchase the priority darshan slips as they only get about 2 hours to have their Darshan at temple before they fly back to Phata.

How to reach Kedarnath by Trekking/Pony from Gaurikund

As is in the case of helicopter option, those who decide to go by treking or pony should also leave early in the morning.

Trekking by foot, pony and Palki(palanquin) are the 3 options available from Gaurikund.

The Pony or Palki vendors generally do not quote the charges fixed by the government and hence you would have to bargain with them on the price.

Since it is about 18-19 km of trekking now via Lincholi, we suggest that you take a porter to carry your luggage which must have ample winter clothing and also raincoat.

How to reach Kedarnath: Darshan at Kedarnath Temple

During the months of May & June, there is huge rush at the temple.

To do special Pooja/Archana,we suggest that you plan your visit to visit Kedarnath Temple in the last week of September or first week of October.

This is the time when the weather is much better and there is almost no rush.

To book Pooja/Archana, you may try to contact local Pandit Shri Posti on 9410538479.

For any assistance on planning your Kedarnath Yatra, you may call us on +918527255991 or write to us on