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The Do-Dham trip was great, what impressed me the most was the service you provided. Thank you very much for your wonderful support, it's incredible.

"You exhibited such a wonderful example of good and friendly customer service, every business could take a valuable lesson from you."
I mean it !!

We just want to thank you for making this vacation so perfectly organized!
You made everything so easy that we didn’t really have to worry about anything from beginning until the end. I enjoyed so much every single dive.
Thanks a ton and I sincerely recommend your name and services to my friends!!
Badrinath & Kedarnath Yatra
This was my first Group trip organized by a company; all my previous trips had been family trips. This trip as most enjoyable and different from other trips.. Everything was new for me. It was a pleasant and tension free trip for a women of my age .I really enjoyed the Kedarnath yatra by helicopter.

The experience was so divine and family like which cannot be explained in words. The team people took very good care of us like their own family,which was the best part of this Group tour.. I wish to repeat this trip again and again…
Mrs Kiran Chaudhary
Darbanga Bihar
This was my first group tour organized by Comfort Connection “trip to char dham” A trip which perhaps I would remember for my whole life. I wish Comfort Connections a great success in future, especially thanks to the entire team of executives who treated us like their own family and to make this trip the most memorable trip I ever had. The affection, respect, love and divinity given by Pooja (Tour manager) was unforgettable. I wish if I can join them in their next trips also.
Mr. Anil Kr Chaudhary
Darbanga Bihar
The aura of devotion and leadership quality of Pooja made me to adopt her as my spiritual daughter. The experience was amazing.Badrinath Yatra was the best which is unforgettable. I wish Comfort Connections should organize a trip to Mansarovar and Kailash also soon.
Mr. Anil Kr Chaudhary
Darbanga Bihar
Chardham yatra is very powerful yatra. I felt all persons like my own family members and this is what made this yatra so special for me and my mother. Staff of Comfort Connections is very cooperative and caring.
Mrs Suresh Nalla
It was my maiden Package Trip .It won’t be an exaggeration to state that I had not expected such personal concern and care by the organizers of Comfort Connections. It was not only a soul stirring journey but enjoyable too. Sahir and Pooja have good leadership qualities.

For Pooja ; with her shoulders on her head and spirituality in her mind ,she has the ability of handling any person & any situation well. Her caring and concerned attitude certainly gives a boost to the trip. They both are assets to the company.
Mrs.Uma Korla
I feel it was a very memorable trip for me. Comfort Connections gives real comfort and personal touch to every yatri and connected with them with their care and affection. The trip was a very nicely organized; timely breakfast and dinner was given. Good care was taken by the team.
Mrs.Usha Sharma
The trip was quite fascinating, interesting and inclusive of wholesomeness. It was a complete devotional package filled with informational divine power. I would like to go more such trips with Comfort Connections.

The team members are really very caring, Sahir is a marvellous boy with amazing capabilities; took great care of everyone. What to say about Pooja!! She is a complete package in herself. A very versatile person who made the trip very lively with her personal touch and care. Trip was overall very good, well managed and devotional. I wish you all a great success.
Mrs.Meera Sharma
What an amazing experience to visit such holy places arranged by spiritually evolved people that they really transport you to meet GOD almighty. There is nothing to write which can explain what you felt actually. It was really a connection which was comforting. The trip was well organized; timings were perfect and full of devotional information. I would like to go with this Tour company again.
Mrs Asha Bhardwaj
This trip to chardham was very enjoyable and memorable. I am very happy with behaviour of team members. I would like to go again with them.
Mrs. Vijayrani Aggarwal
Memorable trip!!
Mr. Prem Aggarwal
Group tour organized by Comfort Connections was very satisfactory trip. Food arrangements were good. Every passenger was satisfied. I wish them success in future with lots of good wishes.
Mr. Shriram Verma
Though it was my first group trip; and is really memorable, satisfactory and worth money wise. Accommodations and food were really good. Team members were hardworking, enthusiastic, well organized, sincere, caring and cooperative.
Ms. Astha Sharma
The devotional experience and immense pleasure gained is not explainable. This yatra to chardham with Comfort Connections Group is really very different from other yatras. Bhajan antakshri and last day’s song antakshi was unforgettable and the most enjoyable.

Every yatri enjoyed a lot in the bus; we were like a family. I really appreciate the time management of Pooja which gives us hassle-free journey. The spiritual hang out of this chardham yatra still remains in mind. I would like to visit these places again in future but only with Comfort Connections group.
Mrs. Neelam Bharadwaj
We enjoyed the trip very well. Journey was comfortable and enjoyable.
Mrs. Maya Devi
The trip was nice. We enjoyed a lot. The co-passengers were very nice and co-operative to each other. The organizers were trying their best for the comfort of all the passengers.
Dr. B.S. Upadhyay
Noida U.P
Very satisfactory and fruitful on the whole. Excellent experience, very successful and useful trip for me.
Mr.J.S Aggarwal
Good experience fulfilled all expectations. Got the best and closest view of temples, good rooms and food was provided.
Ms. Preeti Cyrus
This trip organized by Comfort Connections was a spiritual as well as a family like trip. Every passenger was taking care of each other like their own family members. Words fall short to explain the divine pleasure, happiness and care given by team members. Value for money…
Mrs. Renu
Overall excellent experience. I enjoyed the Bhajan antakshri most; every single passenger performed which made it even more special.
Mr. Upender Singh
Worth trip!! I have been to chardham many times. But with Comfort Connections this was my first trip. Affection and respect given by team members was unforgettable. The family like atmosphere connected us with each other. Good Job!!
Mrs. Amita sharma
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